Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Joe Pineapples by Kev Walker

Thanks to Eric Moore for e-mailing this to me.

Hammerstein by Kev Walker

Kev Walker is an artist and illustrator, who started work on 2000ad, but now works primarily  for Marvel Comics. Kev's career began in 1987 working on Future Shocks for 2000 AD, and this was followed up with work on some of the most popular stories in 2000ad, including Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, ABC Warriors and Judge Anderson. Originally known for a glossy, painted style and the fine detail of his inked work, he has since changed the way he works, using a high contrast black line style with heavy shadows coupled with flat computer colouring. 
From 2002 onwards Kev has largely worked for Marvel comics including the third and forth books in the Marvel Zombies series and the Thunderbolts. But during this time he also found time to work on several Judge Dredd stories including the excellent Mandroid. 

Thanks to Eric Moore for e-mailing this to me.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cannon Fodder by Chris Weston

Thanks to chiefy2shoes from the forum for letting me use this.

Tomás de Torquemada by Chris Weston

Having started drawing for 2000ad in 1988 doing Future Shock and an occasional Dredd, Chris Weston really got peoples attention when he teamed up with, John Smith, this was where his artwork developed a much weirder style. There  teamwork culminated in the ten-part Indigo Prime story, Killing Time, which has gone done as one of the all time best stories in 2000ad. After this he worked with  Mark Millar for the much underrated Canon Fodder story. From this partnership, Mark went on to champion his artwork and introduced him to the editors at D.C. 

Chris has since gone on to work on The Invisibles, Starman, JLA Lucifer and The Authority. He has also worked on the film Book of Eli where he provided the story-boards for the film.

Thanks to Eric  Moore for e-mailing this to me.

Judge Dredd by Charlie Adlard

Thanks to John Burdis for providing this sketch. 

Judge Hershey by Charlie Adlard

Thanks to Eric  Moore for e-mailing this to me. 

Judge Anderson by Charlie Adlard

Another fantastic Judge Anderson by Charlie Adlard.

Judge Anderson by Charlie Adlard

Charlie Adlard is an artist and pencilled who started working for 2000 AD with the series Armitage. At this time his artwork was fully painted, but he has evolved over time to the point where his most recent work uses large blocks of black ink on the page to create bold shadow effects and thus makes his work very distinctive. Charlie also worked on series including Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante, Rogue Trooper and most most notably Savage for 2000ad.

Most people will recognise him from his work on The Walking Dead. In 2004 he replaced the original artist Tony Moore and together with the writer Robert Kirkman, they have had one of the longest and most successful uninterrupted runs in modern comics.

Thanks to John Burdis for providing me with the sketch. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Judge Beeny by Bruce McLaren

Bruce McLaren has done lots of work for several of the British small press comics, especially Dogbreath and Something Wicked.

Orlok by Bolt-01

Thanks to John Burdis for allowing me to use this.

Orlok by Bolt-01

Bolt-01, aka. Dave Evans, is a very talented writer, artist, letterer and editor. He is responsible for FutureQuake, Dogbreath, Zarjaz and Something Wicked, all of which are fantastic. 

Mechanismo by Kevin Levell

Thanks once again to, John Burdis for sending me this. 

Fink Angel by Kevin Levell

Thanks to John Burdis for letting me use this sketch. 

Galen DeMarco by Kevin Levell

Kevin Levell is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and designer. His work has been seen in SciFi Art Now and the Strontium Dog fanzine, Dogbreath, in which he illustrated the Origin story for Wulf Sternhammer in a story called Teen Wulf.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Judge Burdis by Colin MacNeil

Thanks to John Burdis for sending me the sketch.

Judge Dredd by Colin MacNeil

Thanks to John Burdis for sending me the sketch.

Judge Dredd by Steve Yeowell

Thanks to John Burdis for sending me the sketch.

Zenith by Steve Yeowell

Steve Yeowell began drawing comics purely for pleasure and had no  intention of becoming a professional artist. But, after showing his portfolio to Bryan Talbot, he quickly found himself given work by Swiftsure. This resulted in him working with Grant Morrison, who then picked Yeowell to be the sole artist on his new superhero strip Zenith. Zenith started in 2000 AD in 1987 and became extremely popular, running to four full-length series. 

Yeowell's work is noted for delicate penmanship and lifelike facial expressions, with a notable economy of style that means that his work suits both colour and monochrome treatment.

Thanks to Dave Evans for sending me the sketch.