Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Judge Logan by Colin MacNeil

Colin MacNeil is one of the most highly regarded and well known artists currently working for 2000ad. His work includes Chopper: Song of the Surfer, Shimura: Outcast, Insurrection, Judge Dredd: Tour of Duty and America, which has been regarded by many to be one of the best stories to have ever been in 2000ad.

I met Colin at the 2010 Hi-Ex convention in Inverness and made a request for a Judge Logan, who is known to get injured very often resulting in the occasionally loss of an appendage. Colin usually uses crayons for his sketches which results in this fantastic and highly detailed effect.  I was so impressed with the end result of the sketch that I decided to get it framed and it currently hanging on my wall. So, if you ever see Colin at a convention, definitely ask him for a sketch and also while your there ask him when is he starting his own blog.


  1. A cracking start Gav, Colin MacNeil's 'sketches' are absolutely beautiful aren't they?

    Good luck with the blog, it's a brilliant idea!

  2. It is a brilliant idea. I haven't had a con sketch done for years and by the look of this they have come a long way.

  3. Not sure if they have, I just think that Colin puts a ridicules amount of effort into his.