Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thermozero Comics Cover by David Daza

I knew it's usually Pete Wells who dose the covers on his blog, but I recently received an email from David Daza, a Spanish artist, who was commissioned to do a cover for the first issue of  Thermozero Comics and I taught some of ye might be interested. The new magazine features an interview Carlos Ezquerra in its first issue and David was asked to draw some of his characters for the cover, he happily accepted as he taught it would be a perfect opportunity to draw Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson. So lets see how he got to the final cover.
The initial layout and design.

The pencils and we can start to see the cover taking shape.

The strong inks and the cover is nearly finished just requiring some colour.

The cover is now finished. 

Thanks very much, David, for the email and allowing me to post it on the blog.  

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