Thursday, 5 May 2011

Zenith by PJ Holden

Paul Jason Holden is a Northern Ireland artist from Belfast. He started working for 2000AD in 2001 with the Judge Dredd story Sino-Cit and has been working professionally for them since. This work has included further Judge Dredd stories and the main artist on The 86ers, taking over for Karl Richardson on the third instalment of the first story. His currently has a creator-owned series, Numbercruncher, with writer Si Spurrierappearing in the Judge Dredd Megazine.
PJ got his break into the American comic book market with the Image Comics, mini-series Fearless, which he co-created with writers Mark Sable and Dave Roth in 2007. He has recently drawn the three issue story Happy Valley, about an Australian RAF bomber crew in 1942, in Garth Ennis' Battlefields series for Dynamite Entertainment.

Thanks to Matthew Ellis for e-mailing me this sketch.

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